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Africa Capital Alliance ACA is an investment firm that specialises in growth equity, buyout, and turnaround investments, and risk capital. The Nigeria-based firm, which was founded in , focuses on investments in sub-Saharan Africa. CDC has played an anchor role in all five funds. This is a mid to large cap generalist private equity fund investing in anglophone West Africa, primarily Nigeria. This investment was made under a previous strategy. We disclose information on all our current investments, but narrative information on our pre investments, when we introduced a new strategy, may be limited. Investments outside these regions are from our pre portfolio. We have seven priority sectors. However, we continue to invest outside these sectors, largely in the most challenging regions, as new investment supporting any sector helps to underpin the private sector, and create jobs and livelihoods for people. For funds, the sectors listed here are those the fund has invested in so far.

Covid-19 escalation renders GP reporting ‘out of date almost immediately’

Welcome to IPE. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. As our main feature reveals, there are more than a few private equity limited partners LPs facing resource problems as the industry fragments and spreads beyond the traditional centres of North America and Western Europe, at the same time as disrupted investment cycles clog up the cash-distribution and fundraising pipeline. LPs are struggling to keep abreast of new managers and markets, or even stay on top of their increasingly crowded and complex portfolios.

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Sachin Date is the Private Equity Leader for EY’s Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) area. Through a comprehensive service model, the Private.

Savers using k plans may soon be able to invest their retirement money in private equity, long considered strictly the province of the well-to-do. The U. Labor Department issued guidance Wednesday stipulating that business owners with k plans can more safely offer certain funds with a private equity component to their employees. While some experts believe k savers could use those funds to get stronger returns, others believe doing so would expose them to high fees, more risk and predatory practices.

The funds addressed by the Labor Department include popular types like target-date funds, which are comprised of several different underlying investments and which generally decrease investment risk as a saver’s retirement date nears. More from Personal Finance: Here’s what happens to your k loan if you’re laid off Companies giving employees cash for working from home Most students probably can’t afford college due to Covid The guidance gives more legal protection to businesses whose k plans offer TDFs that bundle in private equity.

However, the agency doesn’t give the same blessing to those with a fund that invests solely in private equity, according to the guidance, which took the form of an information letter. Companies like Intel and Verizon have been sued by employees in the past few years over the firms’ use of alternative investments in TDFs, and other business owners may have shied away as a result, said Kevin Walsh, an attorney at Groom Law Group.

Private Equity Firm KKR Acquires Small Stake in ProSieben

Partners Group welcomes guidance from US Department of Labor on inclusion of private equity in defined contribution pension plans. Partners Group, the global private markets investment manager, welcomes the US Department of Labor DoL guidance released on Wednesday in an Information Letter, which clarifies that under federal law, defined contribution DC pension plan fiduciaries can incorporate certain private equity strategies into diversified investment options, such as target-date funds. The DoL guidance addresses an important hurdle for DC plan managers, who have to-date been reluctant to meaningfully incorporate private markets exposure into DC plans, including k s, for fear of non-compliance with their fiduciary duty under federal law.

By contrast, defined benefit DB plans included in a survey of the US’ largest retirement plans had invested an average of 8. Robert Collins, Managing Director, Head of Partners Group’s New York office, comments: “The Department of Labor has taken a major step toward modernizing defined contribution plans and providing participants with a more secure retirement.

Special Situations), Energy Real Assets, Infrastructure, Core, Private Equity, and Real Estate (Equity and. Credit). While some differences in.

As a k plan investor, you may soon have access to a limited range of private equity investment options previously available only to institutional and accredited investors. Department of Labor DOL guidance in the form of an Information Letter issued June 3, , stipulates that companies with k plans can now safely offer certain private equity funds to their employees. The main purpose of the guidance is to assure companies that offer certain types of target-date funds TDFs and other investments that include private equity, that they have legal protection.

This comes in the wake of employee lawsuits against companies such as Intel and Verizon that included alternative investments in TDFs. These lawsuits caused other companies to avoid these types of investments. DOL guidance provides no protection for stand-alone private equity funds—only those types of managed funds mentioned in the Information Letter. Funds addressed by the guidance include those that may carefully include private equity as a component of ERISA plans —for example, target-date funds, which are designed to decrease risk as the investor’s retirement date approaches.

Standalone funds that only invest in private equity are not protected by DOL guidance. The DOL letter points to additional considerations that would be a factor in deciding whether a fund had protection under this guidance:. When it comes to evaluating the new DOL guidance, opinion is mixed. Robert R.

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As our main feature reveals, there are more than a few private equity limited partners (LPs) facing resource problems as the industry fragments and spreads.

Growth capital private equity fund that will invest in Irish SMEs with significant growth potential. Residential equity fund providing capital to small and mid-scale developers to facilitate the build out of residential units in Ireland. Grade A office development. Follow on investment in a successful artificial intelligence cybersecurity company expanding their presence in Ireland.

Financing the build out of energy storage infrastructure in Ireland to support the growth in renewables. Venture Fund focused on investing primarily at the expansion capital and growth equity stages in companies that have started to scale.

Private equity investments in target date funds: The DOL weighs in

For more definitions and frequently asked questions also see the Methodology and FAQ sections of our website. The Acquisition of Certain Assets occurs when certain assets of a company, subsidiary, division, or branch are acquired. The Acquisition of Assets is when all assets of a company, subsidiary, division, or branch are acquired. Funds provided to a company to finance its acquisition of other companies or assets.

A consolidator of companies in specific industries. The obtainment of control,possession or ownership of a private portfolio company by an operating company or conglomerate.

Proponents say private equity’s inclusion will help retirement savers If the investments do end up in target-date funds, however, older.

The huge sums that private equity firms make on their investments evoke admiration and envy. The chief advantage of buying to sell is simple but often overlooked, explain Barber and Goold, directors of the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre. Once that gain has been realized, private equity firms sell for a maximum return. A corporate acquirer, in contrast, will dilute its return by hanging on to the business after the growth in value tapers off.

Public companies that compete in this space can offer investors better returns than private equity firms do. The latter would give companies an advantage over funds, which must liquidate within a preset time—potentially leaving money on the table. Both options present public companies with challenges, including U. Private equity.

Private equity investments may be coming to your 401(k)

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To date, the PE sector has enjoyed a good run – spurred on by growth in fund size, low cost of borrowing and impressive returns on equity. However, the improved.

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401(k) Plans Can Now Invest in Private Equity Funds

Our private equity specialists provide guidance in such areas as managing funds, improving portfolio company performance, and throughout deal execution. Realising the potential of your mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and capital markets transactions. PwC has been the most active advisor in the private equity market in Southeast Asia.

Our Portfolio. Baring Private Equity Asia’s portfolio companies operate in more than 70 countries and sales of approximately US$41 billion. List of Investments​.

This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Retirement savers in k plans could soon gain exposure to private-equity strategies, a move that pits proponents of the investment option against critics who say it would introduce unsuitable risks for many investors. The Labor Department earlier this month issued an information letter that opens the door for average retirement savers to invest in strategies that are typically the domain of high-net-worth investors. But it does appear to sanction their use as an option in a professionally managed multi-asset-class investment vehicle, such as a target-date, target-risk, or balanced fund.

Consumer advocates and some experts, meanwhile, are critical of the move, saying that the unfamiliar private-equity landscape could jeopardize the retirement savings of unsophisticated k investors by leading them to high-fee investments that are opaque, complex, and risky. In the meantime, here are some things to be aware of:. If the investments do end up in target-date funds, however, older investors might not be as exposed as younger investors because the funds reduce risk the closer to retirement one is, says Anthony Tutrone, managing director of Neuberger Berman and global head of Neuberger Berman Alternatives.

In other words, a target fund would likely have less exposure to risky private-equity investments than a target fund. Some experts warn that private-equity investments may fail to offer a cushion during downturns.

Private Equity: Palico: Online dating for LPs and GPs

In addition, the DOL describes issues fiduciaries should consider when determining whether to include PE in an asset allocation fund offered to DC plan participants. Including private equity in asset allocation funds is not new. For several years, a small number of k plan sponsors have been offering custom target date funds with an allocation to PE. But after two lawsuits were filed against one large plan sponsor, claiming that the inclusion of PE in its target date funds was imprudent, other sponsors were concerned about potential fiduciary liability if they added PE to their target date funds.

The DOL information letter was requested by two firms that have developed collective investment trusts that invest in private equity, but other groups also have asked the DOL to issue guidance on the issue.

Private equity group buys majority stake in $3bn MagicLab.

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Billionaire Leon Black: Investment Strategy for Private Equity

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